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The meaning of wearing Couple Sets ring on the left or to the right

After you have decided on which finger you want to wear your rings, you will need to determine the size of your rings. The size can be determined using the ring sizing tool. You can also bring a the ring to a jeweler to determine the size and design an individual rings.

Choose the hand that you are most comfortable with when wearing your ring every day. Based on your culture and the place you live, certain rings that symbolize important events are usually paired with the hand that you wear it on. In the majority of Western (Christianized) countries, it is customary to wear the engagement rings to the left and then shift it to the opposite hand during the wedding.

The wedding ring is then worn on the left. Many brides wear the wedding ring and the engagement ring to the left.

It can be worn on the same hand or on the other depending on the choice. An eternity ring, for instance, is worn in the same hand.

If an Chinese partner wears their wedding rings to the left, this implies that they are expecting more from their marriage than what they offer.

The two rings can be worn together with the rings of the partner who died set behind the widow. The jeweler may also rework two rings to create a widow's ring.

Do you want to wear an original and beautiful ring from our selection of diamond rings on a different finger? Get advice from BAUNAT's experts on a custom rings. Your jewelry will be made by hand in our Antwerp workshop.

Are you interested in knowing how to better wear your rings?

You may want to know more about diamond rings in order to make the best decision. Continue reading below.

You can create your own diamond ring

How do you choose the ideal size (of an engagement ring)?

How do you find the most affordable diamond price for a ring?

How do you remove the ring that is stuck?

Frequently asked questions

Which hand should you put the engagement ring on?

In Western traditions the wedding ring and engagement ring are placed on the left ring finger. As an Christian you can wear the wedding rings and engagement rings on the left hand. In countries that have an Islamic culture the hand that wedding rings are worn is different from one country to the next. In Jordan, Muslims wear wedding rings on their right hand. In Iran, they prefer wearing rings on their left hand.

How to wear an engagement ring and wedding ring

In Western cultures, the engagement ring is typically placed on the ring finger of the left hand. In the beginning, it was believed that the "vein" of love linked this finger to the heart. In certain countries, during wedding ceremonies, the engagement ring is shifted to the middle finger of the left hand to allow for the wedding ring. In the United States most people wear both rings on their left hand. However some prefer to wear their wedding rings on their right hand's finger that is the ring.

What is the sizing of my ring? What is the ideal size ring for me?

There are a variety of ways to determine the size of your ring. For instance, you can take measurements of the size of a ring you already have. You can also measure the circumference with the string that is wrapped around your finger. Don't measure after drinking hot drinks or eating salty food. Take measurements in the evening. Strenuous exercises can cause your finger to expand. The pregnancy can also cause swelling.

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