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What is parlay betting? How to effectively place parlay bets?

If you're someone passionate about sports betting, chances are you've heard of parlay betting. However, many gamers still aren't clear on what parlay betting is and how it works most accurately. Let's understand more about it through the following article from win betting tips!

An overview of parlay betting

If you want to invest in parlay betting, then it's essential to understand what it is and how it's classified. Here's a summary:

Explanation of parlay betting terminology

Parlay betting is a commonly used term in sports betting. It's one of the favorite ways to play for many enthusiasts. Successfully closing this bet isn't straightforward. Therefore, only experienced gamers are confident in betting in this manner. Besides, parlay betting is also known by names like combo betting, accumulator betting, or multiple betting.

Before deciding to invest, players need to understand what parlay betting is, as it involves combining multiple types of bets. Simply put, it's a form of multiple single bets within parlay betting.

How is parlay betting classified?

Parlay betting is divided into various types, including 2-leg parlay, 3-leg parlay, 4-leg parlay, 5-leg parlay, and so on. Among these, the 2-leg parlay is the lowest combination in each bet. Specific regulations will be provided for each game, depending on the circumstances. For example, if you choose to invest in a 4-leg parlay at odds of 2.0, players can calculate the odds as 4 × 2. This method offers a tremendous winning opportunity for gamers.

The most accurate formula for calculating parlay betting

If you already know what parlay betting is, then it's time to understand the formula for calculating it. For newcomers, this method may seem complex. Let's calculate based on the following shared formula:

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Formula for calculating parlay betting with Asian Handicap odds

Asian Handicap odds are currently very popular. Players can calculate parlay betting using Asian Handicap odds as follows:

Parlay betting formula = Odds of bet 1 × Odds of bet 3 × Odds of bet 4 × ... × Odds of bet N.

For example, if the invested amount is 500,000 VND:

The French team has odds of 1.80.

The US team has odds of 1.50.

The Argentina team has odds of 1.50.

In this case, players can calculate the winning odds as follows: 1.80 × 1.50 × 1.66 = 4.482. If all three teams win, the player will receive a reward of: 500 × 4.482 = 2241 VND. However, if any of the three teams lose, the player will lose the entire bet.

Calculating parlay betting with Over/Under and Asian Handicap odds

Over/Under and Asian Handicap odds are very common at wintips. Moreover, these are types of bets that are easy to win. Therefore, players need to understand the formulas for calculating parlay betting with these two types of odds as follows:

In the case of winning parlay betting = Odds of bet 1 × Odds of bet 2 × ... × Odds of bet N.

If the parlay odds are 0.5, it equals (odds ratio - 1) / 2 = 1.

In the case of losing parlay odds of 0.5 = combined odds: 2.

If the bet is a draw, it equals = (odds ratio × 1).

In the case of four bets in a single game, calculate as follows: Winning odds × (1 + (odds ratio of 0.5 - 1) / 2 × 1/2 (odds ratio of losing 0.5) × 1 × (odds ratio of draw) × ... × Odds of the Nth bet.

Tips for effective parlay betting in sports betting

If you want to win bets, you must first understand what parlay betting is. Then, master the calculation formula and the following tips:

Don't combine too many bets in the same game.

Understand the rules and terms of use for every parlay bet in sports betting at bookmaker online.

The amount refunded to players may vary depending on the different bookmakers. Players will receive back the parlay bet amount if there's a winning bet.

If a parlay is running and there's a wrong score, canceled bet, or postponed match, that match will be eliminated. However, the parlay betting odds will still be compared for the remaining bets.

Players need to remain calm and alert to make the most accurate predictions.


Now you know what parlay betting is and how to calculate it. This investment form is straightforward yet very attractive, so don't overlook it. You'll quickly change your fortune and experience the excitement of winning bets. Register now with wintips to participate in watching live matches and increase your income through betting.

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